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Internet Investigations and Internet Profiling – A.I.S.S. has been conducting Internet Investigations and Internet Profiling  since 1998. In the age of the Internet, there is always a digital footprint. Sometimes it’s buried in the Deep Web, but there is almost always a trail. The longer someone is on the Internet, the greater the chance they will leave a trace of themselves behind.  This is even more prevalent with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We specialize in being able to identify people hiding behind screen names and anonymous emails. We are also very adept at linking different screen names and profiles to the real names behind them. In many cases, we have found hidden social media profiles of Subjects, accounts with dating sites, personal blogs and even online resumes.

You never know what you will find until you start looking. Let us do the looking for you.

TIPS (excerpts taken from our manual: Guide to Cheating Spouse Investigations):

Computer History: Sometimes you can find cached web pages and temp folders on the hard drive to see where they have been lurking on the internet. It’s not as easy as it used to be since most browsers have a “stealth mode” that will block cookies and browser history. Still though, check the internet browsing history, (by hitting CTRL-H when in that browser), check the recycle bin, and Temporary Internet Files.

If you see them browsing for something when you are present, and that shows up in the history, yet can’t find anything in the history when they are late night browsing or at a time you knew they were online (but you weren’t around), they are probably selectively deleting history or using the stealth browser. You can find the “Icognito Tab” in Chrome, “Private Tab” in Firefox, and “InPrivate Browsing” in Internet Explorer which does not keep cookies or browsing history. They might also be using an anonymous browsing site which strips all headers from the email.

You can also search your entire hard drive by typing in *.jpg in the search box while in the C: directory. This will pull up every JPG image on the drive. You can then click the thumbnail view to quickly see if they are porn images. If they are really trying to cover their tracks the only way you will catch them is with a forensic exam of the hard drive on either their computer or cell phone. A forensic exam can find deleted images, emails, texts, etc. Most examiners will not do an exam on any phone or computer that isn’t YOURS, (or password protected by someone else), so this may only be available during a divorce with a subpoena or if you are the owner of the phone they are using.

Again, DO NOT put spy software on any phone or computer that you do not own. There are all types of software now that you can even load remotely. This may seem like your only option. Do not be tempted to do this. This is against the law, DO NOT DO IT.

Emails: If you have access to their email be sure to check inbox, sent, archived, and trash folders. Also, take a look at the DRAFT folder. Sometimes a cheating couple will share an online yahoo or hotmail account. They will both use the same username and password. One will simply log in and start a message, but not send it. They will save it to the “draft” folder. The next person will log in later that day and read it, and change the text to their response and again save it to the draft folder. This way, it is an ever changing draft message that is never sent, never downloaded to a computer or phone, but always kept on the website server in the draft folder. This is the same way that terrorists have corresponded with each other.

More tips found in the manual.

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