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Polygraph | Lie Detector Test in North Houston.

In God We Trust, All Others We Polygraph.

AISS contracts with a local Polygraph Administrator with decades of experience and all the modern equipment. She is located in the Conroe, Texas area. Please call for details.

** NOTE: This is NOT a nationwide Polygraph Service.  We are located in only the North Houston / Conroe Texas area. **

The most common Polygraph requests are for:

  • Infidelity / Cheating Spouse Issues
  • Domestic Theft
  • Sexual Abuse

Often times when Surveillance just isn’t an option, another way to prove or disprove cheating/adultery is to have the person consent to a Polygraph or Lie Detector Test. For cheating spouse or infidelity, Polygraph services usually start at ~$550.

Polygraph Exam: A Polygraph Exam is what’s commonly called a Lie Detector Test.

If you feel the need to ask your Significant Other to submit to a Polygraph, try asking them in the following way,

“Look, I’m having some trust issues with you that I just can’t get past right now. Some things are just not adding up and its making me very insecure and doubtful. I really want our relationship to work but I’m having trouble getting past this. I have to know that you are telling me the truth on this, and that I can trust you, so that I can get over it and never bring it up again. I think this is the best way to put this to rest and let me get past it. I will take one with you and that way we can both be sure that everything is out in the open.”

You will usually get one of the following responses:

“How dare you ask me to take that! You don’t trust me? Screw You, I’m gone! Those things are inadmissible anyway. They don’t work. I can’t believe you don’t trust me. You’re just paranoid. If you don’t believe me then I don’t think I can be with you.”

This is not 100% guaranteed to mean they are guilty. In my experience, most have been guilty but sometimes there are other issues going on, and the “guilty” spouse just can’t take it anymore. This is the final straw and they want out.

“I’m insulted that you don’t trust me, but sure, I’ll take it. You pay for it, or you take one too and I’ll take it, if that’s what it will take to prove I’m telling the truth.”

So, you schedule the test and you get one of the following:

(Right before the test, either a few days or hours before):
“You know what? The more that I think about this the more it infuriates me. I’m not taking it. If you don’t trust me then it’s over. “

We’ve seen this many times. They agree to the exam thinking that you are only bluffing. As the time for the test draws near, they start to worry. They might try to do research on the computer to see how accurate a test is, or how to beat it. When they don’t like the information they find, or think they are going to fail, they simply give up and deflect their anger onto you, and blame you for asking them to take the test.

I’ve seen some go all the way to the appointment, hoping that it was all a bluff. When they meet the Polygrapher and realize there is no getting out of it, they either confess or leave without taking the exam.

The person fails the test miserably and blames the Polygraph as being wrong, junk science, a scam, etc. Modern Polygraphs are very technical and hard to beat. Make sure you tell the Polygrapher about any medical issues that person may have, medications they are on, or anything that may be relevant.

They take the test and pass with flying colors. You agree to let this go and never bring it up again. If you keep bringing it up, you will not move past it. However, keep your eyes and ears open as they might just be one of the few (sociopaths and pathological liars who can pass with no deception identified).

This is the absolute worst outcome. It leaves you right where you were before, but minus the money for the test. I’ve only seen a few of these in the past, but they are usually because there are multiple issues at hand and the questions asked only slightly delve into deep seeded issues.

Examples could be:

  • They cheated but not with the person you asked about in the test.
  • They cheated morally (sexting, texting, flirting), but never physical. They felt guilty enough about it for it to register as deception, even though technically they never had a physical sexual relationship with anyone else.
  • They never physically cheated but often fantasized about that person, and in their mind it was like having a physical affair, but without the actual physical contact.

This is where a good pre-interview with the Polygrapher comes into play. Make sure you are asking the right questions, and phrasing them the right way. The more in depth you go, the more it will cost. Most can be completed with a few general questions such as,

“Have you had sexual contact with anyone besides your spouse since you have been married?”


Polygraph services usually start at ~$550.


If they will not consent to a Polygraph, your only option may be to conduct Surveillance on them to see what they are up to. However, keep in mind that once you confront them with your suspicions and request the Polygraph, it will put them on high alert that you are suspicious of their activities.  Surveillance at this point may not be possible due to their heightened awareness that you may be watching them.  It might take a few weeks or months of “dropping the subject” before they feel comfortable enough to fall back into their cheating routine.

Another option to catch them is with a Vehicle Tracking Device.  If you are on the title of the vehicle as the registered owner, be sure to check out our vehicle trackers here: Vehicle Tracking Device Sales