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1. AISS shall furnish to Client on request: background and other related research reports, which may include, but are not limited to: Criminal Background History, Motor Vehicle Report (Driving History), Social Security Number Verification, Surveillance Reports, Employment Verification, Bankruptcies, Bank Account Information, Education Verification, Professional License Verification, and or Physiological Fluid Testing Results. The Client agrees that all reports will be submitted and received subject to the conditions of this Agreement.

2. Reports can be delivered via U.S. Mail, faxed upon consent from Client, delivered telephonically, or other agreed upon method.

3. Client agrees to pay AISS for the services rendered regardless of the outcome of said services. Payments are due to AISS before work is begun, unless other arrangements have been made. If for whatever reason, there is an outstanding balance incurred by Client, the balance will be considered LATE after Forty Five Days, (45). On the Forty Sixth Day, (46th) a late fee will be added to the outstanding balance in the amount of Ten Percent, (10%) of the outstanding balance. An additional Ten, (10%) of the new outstanding balance will be added to the new balance every Thirty Days, (30) until the balance is paid in full.

4. Client will keep and maintain all reports strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Except as required by law, no information from reports will be revealed to the person reported on or to any other person unless consent is given by Client.

5. Client will comply with all provisions of Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations pertaining to the use of criminal conviction histories and/or Bank Account Information, and adhere to the Privacy Act. AISS assumes that all information sold to Client will be used for lawful purposes only and Client acknowledges that it has represented such to AISS.

6. AISS will endeavor to provide complete and accurate reports pursuant to this Agreement. Nevertheless, Client acknowledges that the information contained in such reports is obtained from public records, non-proprietary services and through observation or perception which may require the exercise of judgment of interpretation. Client further releases AISS, its officers, employees, and affiliated companies and any companies or individual from which AISS obtains information included in a report, from the liability arising or alleged to arise directly or indirectly from any negligent acts, errors, or omissions, by any of the providers of information or by AISS in connection with the preparation of any reports, video or audio tapes, transcriptions, interviews, or any other work product written or verbal.

7. Name similarities may be included in the report due to lack of sufficient information to verify that the individual is the subject of research. AISS neither draws any conclusions, makes representations, nor expresses any opinions regarding the information contained in the report.

8. By requesting and receiving Reports, the Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless AISS and its directors, officers, and employees from any and all claims, liabilities, expenses, fees including attorney fees, costs, and judgments arising from Client’s use or possession of the information furnished in said Reports.

9. Client agrees to reimburse AISS for all fees (including attorney’s fees) to collect any past due amounts from Client. Client also agrees that the Place of Venue for any and all legal disputes will be Harris County, Texas.

10.Client agrees that all court appearances, (including stand by time, and on-call time) are billed to Client at hourly rate, regardless of whether appearance is requested by Client, Client’s attorney, opposing attorneys, subpoena, or Judge’s request.

11.Client fully understands and agrees that at NO TIME will Client be UNTRUTHFUL in regards to any information given to CONTRACTOR. This includes but is not limited to, WHY the Client is pursuing the investigation or requesting services. Certain investigations are available ONLY with permissible purposes, and although Contractor makes every effort to verify and validate that all requests are compliant, Contractor relies heavily on the information supplied by Client in the consultation phase. Client agrees that if this clause is broken, it will IMMEDIATELY terminate the investigation and ALL RETAINERS AND FEES PAID FOR ANY WORK, COMPLETED OR PENDING, WILL BE FORFEITED.

12.Client agrees that any unused retainer amount will be requested BY CLIENT in writing within 30 Days of the termination of the investigation, or 30 Days from the date of last activity by Contractor, regarding an investigation for Client. After 30 Days all funds will be forfeited.

In cases where individuals or potential Clients have retained our services in order to Annoy, Stalk, or otherwise Harass the Subject of the investigation, Contractor MAY contact the Subject of the investigation as well as any Local, State, or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies with Jurisdiction.