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Houston Texas Locates | Missing Person | Debtors | Fugitives | Deadbeat Parents | Vehicle Location and Recovery | Employment Locates | Relatives | Friends | since 1998.  Missing Persons are known by many names.  The ability to find or “locate” an individual is one of the things we do best. Whether they are a long lost family member or friend, a debtor, fugitive, witness, or someone you are trying to sue… you have come to the right place. AISS has access to some of the best databases available for finding the current location of an individual. When that doesn’t work, we have developed other methods which yield some of the highest percentages of successful locates. Can we find “Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime”? NO, of course not. Anyone who claims that is selling snake oil. We can however, find a very high percentage of people who don’t wish to be found.

So, what does a locate cost? It will really depend on how hard the person is trying to hide. If it’s someone who isn’t trying to hide, then a typical locate will run about $350. This usually finds about 75% of people. Normally by the time someone comes to a Private Investigator they have already run all the basic searches and tried all the basic methods themselves. This means that the ones that come to us, are not going to be easy, and will take some time, effort, and of course… money. So where does that leave the other 25%? Those are usually your deadbeat parents, criminals, fugitives, debtors, and people avoiding lawsuits. Those are much harder to locate, and will often cost between $500 and $750.

Unlike most other PI companies, we will always offer a free estimate on your locate. We will run them through our index searches and can usually tell pretty quick just how hard a locate will be. Call or email for more details.

  • Locate Tips- Before you contact in Investigator, try to remember the following information about your Subject:
  • Full Name/Date of birth/Driver’s License Number(and State Issued)/ Social Security#
  • Are they collecting SS Benefits?
  • Any and all old addresses/phone numbers/pager/cell phone numbers
  • Relatives/family names/their old addresses
  • Vehicle/Property ownership
  • What type of jobs do they typically work? Self employed?
  • Professional licenses
  • Do they have a criminal record? Have they ever sued or been sued?
  • Do they have a social media profile, email address, or favorite username?
  • Have they ever voted?
  • Do they hunt/fish?
  • Do they owe money?
  • What organizations do they/did they belong to?
  • What magazines did they/do they subscribe to?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • Ever been in the military?
  • Where is their family living?

Those are some of the things you should look for before going to an investigator. It may not seem important to you, but for the investigator it may be the one solid lead that finds your friend.

One word of caution. If you do not have good intentions towards the person you are looking for, please do not waste the time of a PI. A good PI will not release the location of that person to you until that person says that it is OK. Too many PIs have been burned by stalkers, EXs, and just plain wack-os. There are circumstances in which the person will not be notified first, but those are on a case by case basis.

Now if we can’t find your person, don’t give up. Sometimes you start looking for someone just as they are dropping anchor in a new location. It typically takes a few weeks or months to show up in the databases again once someone moves. Just waiting a month or two will often be long enough for your Subject to surface.