HoustonPi.com Rate Schedule

Current Rate Schedule – All investigations are completely confidential and require a service agreement to be signed. All searches are paid for, in full, by means of a RETAINER before the investigation commences.

Our Sales Tax Rate is 8.25% no matter where we conduct the investigation, be it Tomball, Cypress, Magnolia, Spring, Galveston, Etc.  We charge the rate where our report is generated, which is Spring, Tx 77379.

Although some Service Industries do not charge sales tax, Private Investigators are required to collect sales tax on ALL of our services, (including Surveillance), EXCEPT Process Service.  We are also REQUIRED to collect sales tax from out of state clients when we conduct Surveillance in Texas.  This is considered a “Benefit to Texas” according to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.  We are NOT required to collect sales tax for things like database searches or record retrieval for out of state clients.  Some years ago we were audited by the Comptroller’s office, so we know this is 100% factual.

Payments can be made by cash, money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, personal check, company check, Western Union, or Paypal.

The only open billing allowed is for Pre-Employment clients, with a contract on file.

Surveillance is billed hourly and other investigations may be hourly or flat rate.

Our current rates for our most popular services are:

(Call to be sure, sometimes we run unadvertised sales, packages, etc.)

Surveillance: 2 hour minimum. Generally billed by the hour and miles driven.  In some situations a Flat Rate can be arranged.

Hourly Rate: Please call for current rates, according to your specific situation.

Locates: Start at ~$250 – $350 / Depending on how much information the Client has to go on, and the difficulty level.
High volume requests will obtain lower prices.  Different level package pricing can be created for locating multiple ex clients, foreclosure owners, old account holders, etc.

Background Check: Depends on what the Client is looking for, how many jurisdictions to search, length of time to search, etc. (CALL or email for a detailed quote)

Pre-Employment Screening: $45 for the Basic Package.  Call for details.

Phone Searches:

~$250 Cell Name to Number (depends on carrier) / Real Time 100% Accurate

~$75 Cell Number to Name database search / ~75% hit rate, has most carriers included, not guaranteed

Polygraph / Lie Detector Test: ~$500, depends on your situation. Please call for details.