Cell Number Investigations | Phone Number to Name

Telephone Research – A.I.S.S. has been conducting Telephone Research since 1998. We have some of the best phone number to name databases available. Call or email us now to get a quote.

In this day and age of technology, land lines are becoming a thing of the past.  Most people now have cellular numbers that they “port” or take with them when changing cellular providers.  There are also plenty of options for Pre-Paid phones, Google Voice numbers, virtual numbers, VOIP systems, etc..  It can very difficult now to identify who owns a cellular number and sometimes almost impossible to lock down the location of that phone.  Every situation is different, so if you are having a hard time figuring out who owns that number, give us a call and see what we can do for you.

We can provide the following telephone research:

  • Landline Telephone Number to Name and Address
  • Cell Phone Number Reversal to Name and Address
  • Name to Obtain Cell Phone Number
  • Address to Phone Number
  • Outgoing Voicemail Message
  • Identify Harassing Anonymous NumbersWe DO NOT provide the following searches. They are all illegal to provide now. Please do not ask.
  • Installing or Monitoring Spyware on Cell Phones
  • Illegal GPS Tracking on Cell Phones (Installing or Monitoring)
  • Forensic Analysis on Someone Else’s Cell Phone
  • Telephone long distance records
  • Cell Phone call records
  • Text logs
  • Text messages
  • Voicemails

We can run cellular numbers through our databases or search real time through the phone companies.  Database searches are about 75% accurate and do not include all cellular phone providers.  Real Time searches are 100% accurate.  Our cell number database search will often show previous ownership of the number along with a date range of when it was owned.  The name and address of record are provided and sometimes an email address will show up as well.  On the real time phone company search, only the current name and mailing address for that number is provided.

NOTE: We are not able to provide a number history from the cellular call or text logs of a cell phone.  If this phone is on your account, (for a spouse or child), you can contact your cellular provider and request call/text logs going back several years.  It’s best to request that the phone logs be provided in an electronic spread sheet file instead of a paper statement. This way, you can sort by number, date, duration of call, etc, and look for patterns.  The phone company, however will not be able to provide the content of any calls or text messages.

When you provide us the numbers in question from the logs, we can reverse the numbers to see who the person was calling and/or texting.  This is typically conducted in a Cheating Spouse / Infidelity case, where one party wants to know how long the cheating has been going on, and who they have been in contact with.